Thursday, August 18, 2005

microteaching session today...

So today was the second session of microteaching, by our resident karst expert and our Geobabe. *g* Before I start, let me just put a disclaimer that everything I say here is NOT personal and I don't mean to seem like comparing the two of you, even though I suspect that I'll end up sounding that way... I know different people have different teaching styles.

Anyways. First we had LY's lesson, in which she heroically took on the daunting task of dumbing down karst landscapes to our ignorant Sec 3 level. It wasn't a bad job, given the topic, but I think karst is taught at JC level for two reasons: 1) it's mind-numbingly cheeem. Joints, bedding planes, pervious rocks, waaaah. 2) because it's so mind-numbingly cheem, it requires a lot of teacher-to-student type interaction. I like how you gave us rock samples to examine, but I think it wouldn't have been clear to a sec 3's muddled mind how that little piece is related to what you were telling us. Maybe you could have linked it to your Powerpoint slides somehow?

For class management, I like how you threatened to take our ezlink cards. But after that, you didn't come across (at least to me) as being very firm with your threat. You kept saying "one more time and I'll confiscate it" but you didn't. And having our ezlink cards on the table did create opportunities for all sorts of mischief involving theft of cards etc. Maybe the threat alone would have been enough without asking us to take out our cards?

Other than that, I think you really did try hard, although with such heavy going, I think students are bound to get restless and bored. Especially if they've been having lessons without breaks! XD I mean, you know lah. Sorry if I kept yawning, I assure you I wasn't doing it on purpose, or trying to be a bad student or anything... I was honestly, truly tired!

Regarding YZ's session, I was quite surprised and impressed. Having known her for one year, I never figured she could sound so stern and firm! Also I really liked the props. Man, since I'm doing the mountain-building after you, I'm stressed to keep up the good work! The only thing I might have some problem with is your handling of Wes's "asthma attack". It's partly the class's fault that we didn't give you a realistic scenario to work with, but if this was the first time Wes was having an attack, I think the class would be in an uproar, especially if an ambulance had to be called. But I honestly think you shouldn't have given the permission for the ambulance to be called. Isn't there a school nurse for this kind of thing? I mean... after all we are teachers, I think it's just not for us to decide if a student needs an ambulance or not, especially if the student is no longer in the classroom for us to monitor and if there are 39 other students just waiting for an excuse to go and "kaypoh" the situation.

yeah, I think that's it for now... those were the major points I wanted to bring up. Man, you guys are setting such high standards for your microteaching, I'm feeling pressured to keep up! *g*


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