Sunday, August 14, 2005

The power of freeware

Following something that was mentioned in the geog lesson on Friday, some of you might have met this scenario in your secondary schools (which happened to my poor CT, not once but TWICE):

- you want to show a video (VCD) to the class
- the sysadmin in your school is not doing his job and your media player doesn't work
- everybody knows you need to update the media player but you don't have admin access
- you stand there for the whole period looking for an alternative media player while the class goes completely out of hand yelling "Use Quicktime!" "Realplayer!" "Download another media player, lah!" and other such helpful comments.

After those episodes, I went to look for a nice small freeware player for emergencies like this. I recommend that all of you keep this handly little program in your thumb/flash drives:

It doesn't need to be installed so you can run it straight from your thumbdrive, therefore bypassing the admin access problem. It can play AVI, MPEG, MP3, VCD and DVD. However I couldn't find any small MOV player... that format is irritatingly non-cross-player-friendly (whatever the term). Also I dunno if this program works on Macs...

This is really very very very helpful with the technical logistics aspect so do keep it with you.


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