Thursday, August 25, 2005

quick reflections on microteaching

I've been skimming through the posts by my wonderful class and some of the main points were:

1. my shakiness. Yup, I'm usually shaking at the beginning of a class cos I haven't warmed up yet. Or rather, I'm shaky throughout the class sometimes...

2. my temper. I never really lost my temper, believe me! Maybe I exaggerate a lot in my acting or something, but I never ever really lose my temper at a class. Maybe I learned this from my dad! Bad, bad. I'll keep this in mind.

3. my sarcasm. Oops, I lost control of that again. Those who know me in real life know that I already tend to be quite sarcastic very often. I really have to keep a tight rein on that...

Other points: photos etc. Those photos were what I could come up with on short notice; I thought I would have more time to prepare but was caught off guard by an unexpected assignment from another module. So I just printed out the pics on photo paper with my inkjet. Apologies for the unclear photos...

And the Flash presentation didn't go too well - didn't get the attention of the class like I hoped, and the back buttons I so painstakingly put in somehow refused to work. Oh well. Better luck next time!


At 9:07 AM, Blogger minerva said...

Heya *wen,
Aah, so i've been missin' out on ur nie musings..
yeah, U are right - there's always the next time to get better:)

Thanks for Ur sweet comments over at my place & agn, for according me the honour of access to Ur cool Work. Appreciate it.

U take care & Best wishes always,

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